In Pictures: The 2018 TCS New York City Marathon—Staff Picks


Marathon moments can last a lifetime. At the start of November, 52,812 runners crossed the iconic TCS New York City Marathon finish line, creating their own marathon memories across New York’s five boroughs.

For NYRR’s photo team, the mission is to capture snapshots of an unforgettable day in New York—featuring runners, spectators, volunteers, and staff.

In the weeks since, NYRR staff combed through pictures from the day, highlighting their favorite images that best tell the story of the greatest marathon in the world. Here’s a selection of them.

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I like this image because it can be difficult to get a clean shot of the elite runners as they go by without the police escort, TV crew motorcycles, and timing cars that follow and surround them. But in this shot, it looks like they are out on the bridge by themselves. I also like how [Lelisa] Desisa’s foot is about to hit the ground in the corner of the frame. And it doesn’t hurt that he went on to win the race, either.

Scott McDermott
Photographer for NYRR


My friends Jillian and Jason were first-time marathoners. Jillian is NYRR’s former senior photo editor, so she has been at many marathon finish lines, but never before like this. I get chills knowing how meaningful this moment was to Jillian. I also love that the photo is completely unfiltered—like all my favorite marathon photos (and favorite photos in general), the subjects are unaware of the camera, so they are fully in the moment rather than laboring to create it.

Gordon Bakoulis
Brand Marketing and Communications

I love the pure joy you can feel from this picture as Jillian and Jason complete their first marathons and cross the finish line together, especially as the night sky appears. 

Elyse Haller
Business Development and Strategic Partnerships


It was such a privilege to get to spend the day with Peter Ciaccia as he said goodbye to his role as race director of the TCS New York City Marathon. Here, he stole a quiet moment to run along the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, drinking it all in one last time.

Alice Proujansky
Photographer for NYRR


I was right in front of these two runners for this moment. Father and son completing the marathon, being in complete awe of their achievement, sharing a beautiful moment of love and faith in each other. They crossed the finish line together and it was awesome. 

Frankie Alvarado
Brand Marketing and Communications

I lost count of how many times I cried at the finish line this year! It was such an honor to get to witness the emotions of finishers because it’s truly unlike any other experience.

Emily Gaines
Business Development and Strategic Partnerships


This picture best displays why the TCS New York City Marathon is so iconic. First, you catch a glimpse of the huge race field—more than 50,000 runners. There’s also the sight of the Empire State Building, a true symbol of New York, as marathoners enter the final stages of the race. And finally, the snapshot is framed by that wonderful fall foliage that accompanies the first Sunday in November in New York City.

Gary McLaughlin
Brand Marketing and Communications


This picture shares the emotion of the finish line. Togetherness, family, and tears of joy. It looks like this lady ran with her father and this picture shows the beauty of sharing an experience with someone who’s life-long dream was to finish the NYC Marathon.

Brian Hsia
Runner Products and Services


A bunch of random people, from all over the world, coming together to run the world’s greatest race. That’s why I love the TCS New York City Marathon.

Bradley Eckerson
Runner Products and Services


I love this because this kid is out there supporting runners who raise money for Team For Kids, which enables kids like him to participate in NYRR’s free youth programs across the country. And he made the sign himself!  

Katie Manzi
Brand Marketing and Communications


The TCS New York City Marathon wouldn't operate without the awesome volunteers who show up—with a smile—to support the runners from start to finish. 

Matthew Stratford
Brand Marketing and Communications


As you can see in the image, Katia really feels the finish. The TCS New York City Marathon #MovedHer!

Joseph Yates
Runner Products and Services 


The calm before the storm. This is the moment where runners can take a step back, get in the correct frame of mind, and prepare themselves to conquer 26.2 miles.

Sean Galvis
Brand Marketing and Communications


When I browsed through the galleries, I was moved by the finish-line photos. The one that brought a huge smile to my face was this one of an Achilles runner. I could feel his accomplishment and pride—definitely my favorite!

Grace Lopez
Brand Marketing and Communications


Volunteers make a difference to every single runner. I love seeing how much joy our community derives from helping at this event.

Erika Amaya
Event Development and Production

NYRR Staff