It Will Reward You: How Team #MovedMe Performed in the 2018 Marathon


In the buildup to the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon, NYRR unveiled Team #MovedMe. The group was comprised of 26 individuals, teams, and families with incredibly unique and distinct stories—with the number of stories reflecting the 26.2 miles of the marathon course.

You followed their stories for the past number of weeks. And if you didn’t follow them on race day, this is how they performed on a memorable marathon Sunday in New York City.

Allison Moore
Finish time: 9:02:32

Andrea Feldman
Finish time: 4:18:14

Annique Wong
Finish time: 5:17:36

Anthony Butler
Finish time: 6:00:58


Beverly Ramos
Finish time: 2:40:58

Joe Downey
Finish time: 3:59:10

Gina Downey
Finish time: 4:24:06

Nikki Tortorici
Finish time: 5:32:08

Never Give Up

My son, Wilfred, had an amazing race in the morning at the Rising New York Road Runners Youth Invitational at the TCS New York City Marathon. He was proud to run in the club sweatshirt Mikey Brannigan gave him the night before. He crossed the finish line with his arms wide and a huge smile. However, my race did not go as planned. After months of tireless training, my stomach did not co-operate. I had to run/walk the last nine miles, but the city of New York lifted me up in those last miles.

There was a point in the Bronx where I was not sure if I could keep going, but my Team For Kids coaches and teammates and my family picked me up and reminded me why I was there. Raising money for TFK puts so much more importance behind each and every marathon mile. Right before I crossed the finish line, my son Wil was there with his arms open, waiting to hug me. I was able to show my boys yesterday that the fight is what matters, and to never give up. I hung in there and finished the greatest race, for the second time, and that in itself, is enough. 

Lisa Fernandez-Cruz
Finish time: 4:50:07

Erin Hamlin
Finish time: 4:52:52


Genesis Suero
Finish time: 3:54:01

Glenn Hartrick
Finish time: 3:07:07

Patrick Harten
Finish time: 4:38:42

Isis Veronica Gonzalez-Lopez
Finish time: 4:36:13 (Virtual Marathon)

Jack Daly
Finish time: 5:42:16


Janelle Hartman
Finish time: Final Finisher

Julia Khvasechko
Finish time: 4:35:18

Michelle Wheeler
Finish time: 2:06:10

It Inspired Me

The New York City Marathon has been a dream of mine for more than 10 years. Just getting to the start line was a major accomplishment. All the way up to race day, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take part due to jet lag and various aches and pains, but I am glad I did.

The race was epic and the crowds were phenomenal. I have never experienced such a collective swell of goodwill toward me as a runner, and I know my “Too Fat to Run?” shirt delighted and inspired plenty of folks in the crowd. I will treasure my medal and my memories forever!

Julie Creffield
Finish time: 6:56:10


The Best Feeling

Sharing the streets with tens of thousands of runners from around the world was as inspiring as it gets. To finish with my great friend, Michael Rodgers, supporting Team For Kids and the RNYRR programs that we care about so much, moved me me more than anything I’ve experienced throughout my time in sport.

Nick Youngquest
Finish time: 3:25:09

Jessica Sarlabous
Finish time: 4:32:42

A Fantastic Day

The weather was great, there seemed to be more spectators than ever, and I did better than hoped for with my injuries. I met a lot of friends who were watching and hundreds of runners came up to me during the race to congratulate or thank me for my help before the race. Many took selfies, too. It was a great celebration of my 40th New York City Marathon

Runar Gundersen
Finish time: 5:18:54


Mitchell Silver
Finish time: 4:49:50

Piedad Cadena
Finish time: 4:01:09

Rochelle Goldschmiedt
Finish time: 5:55:28

Yasir Salem
Finish time: 3:53:37

Gary McLaughlin