Looking for Your Next Big Race? The United Airlines NYC Half Is “The One to Run”


There are hundreds of half-marathons in the U.S., but the 2019 United Airlines NYC Half is “The One to Run.” Why? Because it's an amazing and unique way to see New York City. The 13.1-mile course begins in Brooklyn, goes over the Manhattan Bridge, cuts through Chinatown, heads north on the FDR Drive, zips through Times Square, and finishes in Central Park.

If you’ve ever wanted to see all these sights in one go, you’re in luck as the application for the 2019 United Airlines NYC Half is now open! Apply by the November 14 deadline for your chance to run this amazing race from Brooklyn to Central Park on March 17. The drawing is free to enter and limited to one entry per person, and the field will be determined on November 28.

Last year, more than 42,000 people entered the drawing for the prestigious race. Here are five reasons why you should apply now to the 2019 edition—whether you're entering the drawing or claiming a guaranteed entry spot.


Bring Times Square to a Standstill

There’s no other race in the world where one of New York’s most famous landmarks, Times Square, is shut down to make way for runners of all ages.

It’s often the highlight of the race for many runners, and this March, more than 22,000 people will race through the heart of Times Square, taking in the sights and sounds of Seventh Avenue without having to worry about any of the traffic. As local runner Billy Henehan, a longtime NYC Half participant, said, “It’s the fastest you will ever move through Times Square.”

Hello Brooklyn!

As the race continues to evolve, the 2018 edition brought an exciting course change—and one that returns for 2019: The introduction of Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridge.  

A brand-new course allowed for a larger field as the race expanded to incorporate Brooklyn, with runners now starting near Grand Army Plaza outside of Prospect Park. They then race down Flatbush Avenue before crossing the Manhattan Bridge into the Lower East Side and Chinatown. On March 17, free of traffic, runners will climb to the bridge’s upper level, taking in panoramic views of the NYC skyline, and be greeted by the approving roar of thousands of spectators once they reach the the other side. This is not something you want to miss out on!


13.1 Miles of Uninterrupted New York Views

Speaking of those famous New York City views. Brooklyn. Check. Manhattan Bridge. Check. Times Square. Check. Central Park. Check. If you think that’s all there is to see on the NYC Half course, you’d be wrong. The 13.1-mile route takes in several New York City landmarks.

Runners will get to take in beautiful skyline views of Brooklyn and Queens, passing iconic spots such as Chinatown, Little Italy, the United Nations, and Grand Central Terminal en route. The breathtaking course is a must-see for any runner, whether you’re a longtime New Yorker or a weekend visitor to the city.  

Run with Your Heroes

There’s only one race where dreamers and their heroes run side by side—and that’s the United Airlines NYC Half. The adults are not the only ones who bring Times Square to a standstill, as kids help to stop traffic on race day, too.

For the fifth-consecutive year, hundreds of Rising New York Road Runners will participate in a 1500-meter youth race in Times Square, running side-by-side with the adults as the two courses run parallel to each other.

As the adults make their way toward Central Park for the latter part of the race, the kids will compete an out-and-back loop that brings them from 47th Street to a turnaround near 57th Street, and back. There’s only one United Airlines NYC Half, and it’s where the future of the sport runs alongside their heroes.

Destination Half

There’s only one city where the park takes up 10 zip codes, the best food in town 🍕 only costs $1, and the welcoming committee is a national monument 🗽. This world-class race has become a bucket-list event for runners from the five boroughs, from across the country, and from around the world.

Whether you’ve earned your guaranteed entry, you’re looking for a destination half-marathon, or you’d just like to see your city in a new way, the 2019 United Airlines NYC Half is “The One to Run.”

Not only can visitors take in the sights and sounds of the greatest city in the world on their travels and on the course, but they’ll also join an amazing field of athletes—from first-timers to pros—each with a unique journey to the starting line.

Entry for “The One to Run” is available through the drawing, a charity partner, time qualification, NYRR Team for Kids, a travel partner, or our Four Out of Six program.