Start Your Training for 26.2 Miles


November 3 may feel like it’s still a lifetime away, but if you’re running the TCS New York City Marathon, it is closer than you think. Starting your marathon training now can have huge benefits down the road if you do it right. Our NYRR coaches Steve and Mel can tell you how to get started!

Coaches Mel and Steve are here to help you start training for November 3.

Coaches Mel and Steve are here to help you start training for November 3.


“This is the perfect time to lay the groundwork for your TCS New York City Marathon training!” says Coach Mel. “It’s a smart idea to put in a solid month of easy mileage before you begin training. Think of your fitness as a house: The structure is only as strong as the foundation, right? So let’s lay that foundation now with those base miles.

“Your body needs this time to adapt to the mileage, the time on your feet, and the routine of running regularly. Most marathon training plans are 16 weeks long, so if you get that base in place now, you’ll be ready to roll when our 16-week plan starts in mid-July.” Want more structure for your base? Our 20-week virtual trainer program kicks off June 17.

“When training for a marathon, there’s a fine balance between not enough training and training for too long, which can cause burnout,” adds Coach Steve. Not sure how—and when—to start training? Thankfully, you still have plenty of time to prepare, and NYRR has many training options, wherever you are in the world.  

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NYRR Virtual Training: Our TCS New York City Marathon Training Program is tailored to the course—and to your fitness level, lifestyle, and goal finish time. “The virtual training program is great for those runners who are looking to get to the start line healthy and with an achievable, realistic goal time,” Coach Steve says. Simply supply some information about yourself and you’ll receive a customized 12-, 16-, or 20-week training plan that adapts to your schedule and pace as you progress through your training for 26.2. Upgrade to our “Plus” tier for direct access to the NYRR coaching staff, who will guide you through your plan via email. 

NYRR Group Training: If you’re local to New York City, check out morning and evening training sessions all over. Geared toward runners of all levels and abilities, from newcomers to experienced competitive racers, these workouts offer coaching, camaraderie, and the inspiration that comes from running with others.  


NYRR One-to-One Coaching: During each one-hour meeting, your coach will guide you toward hitting your running goals. Along the way, you’ll also learn tips on how to recover, eat right, and more. Personal coaching is another great option for those who live in or around New York City.   


TCS New York City Marathon Training Series: Looking to test your fitness before the big day? Or simply looking to join friends on an organized long run that provides plenty of fueling and hydration stations along the route? Check out the 10-mile12-mile, and 18-mile events in our TCS New York City Marathon Training Series, plus annual favorites such as the New Balance Bronx 10 Mile and the NYRR Staten Island Half