26.2 Reasons Why You Should Apply to Run the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon

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1: You can listen to Frank Sinatra's New York, New York at a wedding, at a dinner party, or at a karaoke bar downtown at 3:00 a.m., but it'll never sound as sweet or life changing as it does when you're standing on the Verrazzano Bridge, about to embark on a 26.2-mile tour of New York City.  

Fun fact: I told the DJ to play that as the last song at my wedding. All 160 guests spontaneously burst into a kickline. But I still think the song sounds best from atop the bridge from Staten Island to Brooklyn. 

2: Because there are 365 days in a year, but only one when the entire city comes together and cheers for the same reason. There's so much division in our world these days. Be a part of the day when everyone unites and smiles, on the course, on the sidelines, and beyond.  

3: Because once you earn that marathoner title, it's yours for life. No one can take that away from you.  

Alison Feller

4: The greatest thing about the TCS New York City Marathon is the sheer size of the crowd on the streets. Think about it. More than 1 million people come out to watch and support runners. That’s almost a quarter of the population of my home country in Ireland.  

5: There are many memorable points on the course, but finishing in a place as iconic as Central Park is up there with the best of them. Being an international runner, you hear so much about this great city. And on this one day, you get to run through the city’s five boroughs.  

6: After a hard day running the streets and giving the TCS New York City Marathon everything you have, you can dive into numerous places in the city to try some of its world-famous pizza. After running 26.2 miles, it’s well worth the wait.

Shane Finn


7: The breathtaking support from New Yorkers on the sidelines, from the first to the last mile, shows you that the TCS New York City Marathon is the best in the world. On the course, as well as off it, there are so many special things to see. 

Florian Liebig

8: The marathon starts getting tough—physically and mentally—toward the end. It’s here when the crowd support around Central Park lifts you for several reasons. For the 2018 race, in addition to the great crowd support, there were TCS New York City Marathon Cheer Cards Presented by Biofreeze that featured messages from your friends and family. It was a nice touch as a message from family or friends helped people to finish strong in those final few miles.

Marcus Brown


9: Five bridges, each varying in length, average grade, and level of difficulty based on the placement in the race. 

10: The final turn heading into Central Park, when you can not only smell the finish line, but hear the roar of the crowds cheering on runners in the final quarter mile. 

11: The post-race poncho angels. Trudging out of the park, I reached the poncho area and went to grab one from one of the many volunteers handing them out, but a volunteer ever so gently pushed my hand away.  

In a very soothing voice she said, "please, let me put this on your shoulders." After she draped it on me, she asked if I wanted the hood up. It was all I could do to nod my head. I was mesmerized by this angel who was taking care of me like I was her child. There were literally thousands that opted for the ponchos and I only hope they were as well taken care of as I was. 

Eric Rayvid


12: The epic start of the TCS New York City Marathon. And it is your only opportunity to cross the Verrazzano Bridge on foot. 

13: It is possibly the only moment in your life when people will scream your name with so much excitement and enthusiasm that you’ll feel like you’re Beyonce. 

Alison Desir

14: The cheering crowd after the Queensboro Bridge. 

15: It is one of the prettiest medals out there for a marathon.  

Monica Gomez

16: I love running past all the flags (of each nation represented in the marathon) as you approach the finish line. It truly sums up how international this race is. 

17: The endless sight of blue ponchos at the end of the marathon always makes me feel like part of one big team that has just ran 26.2 miles.

Zoe Meskell

18: To proudly show the medal to your friends and tell them "I have run the TCS New York City Marathon." 

19: It is a great excuse to spend a week in the most amazing city in the world and eat all the carbs available to you, because you have a marathon to fuel for. 

20: You also feel the strength of the whole city run, pushing you all the way to the finish line. And then you will cry tears of joy.

Nicocolo Briamonte

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21: It’s one of the only races where I’ve seen runners proudly wearing their medals well into the following week. You earned that bling, show it off for as long as possible. 

22: The expo. Any reason to shop until you drop in New York. However, when it’s all runner specific (and things you absolutely need) it makes it even better. 

23: Post-run food. There’s everything you could ever want to enjoy post race in NYC: pizza, milkshakes, beer, cocktails, and more. Personally, I’m a Shake Shack and Diet Coke kind of girl. 

24: The signs are honestly the funniest I’ve seen during a race. They are guaranteed to make you laugh as you run through the streets. 

Charlie Watson


25: The Verrazzano Bridge. The first mile is one of the rare moments you get to zone out and take in what you’re about to accomplish. Crossing the bridge, you can see Manhattan to the left. It’s one of the best views you’ll experience as a runner. 

26: First Avenue. You just crossed the Queensboro Bridge and could really use a spark from the crowds. You’ll get one as you exit the bridge and take a turn on to First Avenue. The crowds are the loudest at this part of the race and it’ll feel as if they’re carrying you as you run. 

26.2: The greatest finish line in the world. Central Park is one of the most famous parks in the world, featured in many movies and TV shows. As a participant in the TCS New York City Marathon, you’ll be the star everyone cheers for!

Jonathan Greenwald

Experience it for yourself. Apply for a spot in the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. The application is open from January 14 through February 14, 2019.

Katie Manzi