We Asked Bloggers to Reveal Their Favorite New York City Marathon Moments: Their Answers Will Move You


It Will Move You

Participating in the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon was an experience I will never forget. Running through Brooklyn—my hometown—meant my parents would see me race for the first time.

As I approached mile 5, I spotted my parents and my nephew. My dad appeared to be adjusting his camera and my mom was watching him. I started waving my arms so they would notice me. Thankfully my nephew spotted me and alerted my parents. I spent the next two miles wiping the tears away from my eyes.

Jonathan Greenwald

It Will Overwhelm You

I was three weeks postpartum at the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon. I had grand plans to cheer from the sidelines with my new baby girl in tow, but in reality, I wasn't quite ready to make that happen.

Instead, race day ended up being my first day out by myself since giving birth. I cried when I left home—even though my husband is fully capable of being home alone with our daughter—because I felt so guilty leaving her for just a few hours.

But as soon as I approached that iconic finish line, I felt invigorated. I sat in the grandstands, eagerly awaiting the first finishers. And then Mary Keitany arrived, blazing up the hill toward Tavern on the Green. I cried when Shalane Flanagan came through. And Des Linden. And Molly Huddle. All my favorite female runners, with their fists pumping and, presumably, their lungs burning.

It was a big day for me, getting out of the house for the first time since giving birth. And as I watched those strong, powerful women on the run, I couldn't help but dream about the day I'll be out cheering with Annie, my daughter, at my side.

Alison Feller


It Will Motivate You

My favorite TCS New York City Marathon moment came at mile 14, when Julia, my running buddy from Germany, stood on the roadside with her family.

We always have a lot of fun running together and we run as often as possible. I knew Julia was in New York City and she would be cheering from the sidelines. But I assumed she wanted to be at mile 11 or 12. When I could not see her, I suspected I had missed her.

Then, out of nowhere, I suddenly saw her and was so glad to be able to hug her. Your running buddy—next to your partner—is one of the most important people in your life. The remaining miles were much easier after the warm embrace and the motivational words.

Florian Liebig

It Will Amaze You

My favorite TCS New York City Marathon moment goes back to the 2015 edition of the race, when the legendary Spike Lee became the first New Yorker to serve as grand marshal of the New York City Marathon.

This honor of grand marshal was only given to two people before, Emil Zatopek and Grete Waitz. Even if not directly linked to the sports world, Spike Lee has always been a symbol of NYC, and seeing him leading the race from his car, in front of the elite runners, was like seeing him direct an epic movie with all runners as his main characters.

Niccolo Briamonte


It Will Thrill You

My favorite TCS New York City Marathon moment was when Shalane Flanagan won the race in 2017. At that moment, she became a huge inspiration for many women, including me.

Since 2009, the race was dominated by Kenyan and Ethiopian runners, but with hard work and a powerful mind, Shalane showed how important those things are when you set out to achieve your dreams.

She showed that giving your best can lead to the most rewarding things. I was thrilled in 2018 when I ran the same course she tasted victory on the year prior.

Monica Gomez

It Will Inspire You

One major moment that stands out in my mind was Shalane’s win in 2017. She is a role model for runners all across the world and the way she won the race was particularly impressive.

Another thing I love seeing on race day is the huge diversity of people—and fitness levels—on the course. We all wake up on race morning with the ultimate goal of finishing. Whether it’s a PR or just getting to that finish line, it’s warming to see so many people, with different fitness levels, trying to achieve the same thing.

Shane Finn

It Will Excite You

I shed blood, sweat, and tears during the 2018 New York City Marathon, and I wasn’t even running.

Spectating at mile 23 in Central Park, I loved screaming at the top of my lungs as the elite women entered the park. I was beyond excited as I held up my personalized Allie Kieffer sign and told the international crowd around me who each of these women were.

My friends threw their arms around me as they ran past and I shed a tear of pride knowing how hard they had worked to be there. I nervously scanned the crowd, waiting for more friends to pass, hoping that they were enjoying their race. The city is what makes the TCS New York City Marathon and on that day, I was beyond proud to be part of that.

Charlie Watson


It Will Change You

My favorite moment of the TCS NYC Marathon, well, it’s not just a moment, it’s the fundamental way it changes the whole culture of NYC in the weeks leading up to the race. The excitement starts to build with the first public signs of the race. Usually an ad or two on the subway or the side of a bus.

Then, there’s the trailer that arrives in Central Park, which means it’s time to start building the finish line. Following that, you start seeing more and more signs around the city before the Pavilion goes up at Tavern on the Green. And then the runners start to arrive. You hear different accents and languages spoken while running in the park.

Finally, it all culminates in what is the largest block party in New York City and what I lovingly refer to as my favorite 26.2 mile party.

Eric Rayvid

It Will Engage You

I’ve been lucky enough to experience the race from both sides: on the course and off. I love spectating at the TCS New York City Marathon almost as much as I love running it.

I get so much adrenaline from sprinting (getting on and off at various subway lines) around the city to watch my husband run by. I usually try and see him at three spots, once in Brooklyn and twice in Manhattan. There’s nothing like watching the emotion of all the runners in Central Park, knowing the end is in sight.

Zoe Meskell


It Will Energize You

In 2017, I went to 124th Street and 5th Avenue to cheer runners at the TCS New York City Marathon. I waited until the last finishers ran by.  

Some were trailed closely by the sweep bus and those behind the bus had taken to the sidewalk, as regular traffic had returned to the roads.

Seeing the determination in the faces of the athletes after a long day of rain, wind, and cold was so moving. Especially as they were now running through the night with very little course support. I gave them every bit of energy I had. Shout out to the back of the pack runners.

Alison Desir

It Will Encourage You

One of my best moments occurred in the 2016 marathon. I was running through Brooklyn and I spotted someone I not only respect, but am a huge fan of. It was Bart Yasso, a running legend. I definitely had a fanboy moment as he gave me a high five and encouraged me to keep moving.

Marcus Brown

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Gary McLaughlin