We Asked Bloggers—Again—Which Celebs They Want to See Run the Marathon. The Results Are Even Better!

The Fresh Prince of the Marathon

I’d like to run the TCS New York City Marathon with Will Smith. To make sure I was running the first mile of the marathon at an easy pace, I’d have to do the Fresh Prince rap with him. Last year, Smith ran the Havana Half Marathon, which was a bucket list race for him. But he shows what can happen if you work hard and commit to your goals. Have a look at his Instagram page to see what I mean! 

Marcus Brown

Run It Like Beckham

Besides being the best marathon in the world, there is always a chance at the TCS New York City Marathon that you could be running next to a celebrity or a famous sporting personality. Personally I would love to run past David Beckham on the course.  

Beckham was one of the top soccer players in history. He inspired millions of people and helped push them to pursue their dreams. Back in his playing days, particularly at Manchester United, Beckham was always one of the fittest players at the club, running several kilometers per game in an effort to help his team. While he was known widely for his pinpoint accuracy with a ball, his stamina and endurance were huge parts of his game. If I were running the TCS New York City Marathon, saying "Hi” to David Beckham on the course would be a once-in-a-lifetime memory.  

Monica Gomez

Who Is The Fastest Man?

Who is faster over 26.2 miles through the five boroughs: Geoffrey Mutai (the current record holder) or Usain Bolt...the fastest man on earth? I would personally love to see Bolt tackle a longer distance than half of the track. Would his long legs help him through the final hills of Central Park or would the bridges and hills be too much for his fast-twitch muscle fibres to handle?

One thing is for sure, I bet he'd have some chicken nuggets waiting at the end.  

Charlie Watson

A Boston Tough Guy Taking on NYC

Mark Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors. In many movies, he has portrayed a tough guy, but is he tough enough to complete in the TCS New York City Marathon? I’m pretty sure he could as he’s very fit and athletic, but it would still be awesome to see a Hollywood tough guy suffer with the rest of us as we ascend that incline on Fifth Avenue, before finishing in Central Park.

Shane Finn

The First Lady of the Marathon?

I'd love to rally together and persuade Michelle Obama to run the TCS New York City Marathon. And if she agreed, I definitely would want to run alongside her. Having just read her incredible autobiography, Becoming Michelle Obama, I know she can face just about any challenge thrown at her. As such an inspirational role model to so many women, she could be a great ambassador for women's marathon running, too. 

Zoe Meskell

The Merc with a Mouth, Letting His Legs Do the Talking

Previously, I chose Chris Pratt as the celebrity I’d love to see run the TCS New York City Marathon. My second choice would be: Ryan Reynolds. He is no stranger to running 26.2 miles through the streets of New York City; having done so back in in 2008. But this time I’d love to run alongside him, but only if he comes in character.

Just like when I chose Pratt, I do not want to see Reynolds dressed in sports gear, I want to see him run as Deadpool. I want to see how far I can run without laughing at something he says. Chances are I don't make it past the start line. 

Jonathan Greenwald

Lighting on Her Feet

In the last number of years, Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” has become a real anthem for those training for—and traveling to—the marathon. The same can be said of Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind.” In 2015, I ran the TCS New York City Marathon, the same race that a certain Alicia Keys ran. [Ed’s note: It was an incredible moment when Keys entered Queens just as the loud speakers blasted “Empire State of Mind” into the air.] This year, I’d love to see Taylor Swift run the five boroughs. It is known that Swift likes to run around Central Park to stay fit, when she is not touring, so why not take on all five boroughs? And, of course, if she encountered any pain throughout the race, she would just “Shake It Off.”

Niccolo Briamonte

Born to Run

Bruce Springsteen has helped me cross more finish lines than any other musician. And I’ve listened to a lot of music while training—and complaining—my way to finishing 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, and the granddaddy of them all, the 26.2 mile party that is the TCS New York City Marathon.

I like to give back to my community in some way, so if I could help Springsteen cross the finish in Central Park, that would be my ultimate way of doing so. It’s the least I do to repay him.  

Eric Rayvid

In Safe Hands

One personality that inspired me early on was Oliver Kahn, who was a professional goalkeeper for FC Bayern München and the German national team. Kahn was an incredible goalkeeper, but was also known for his incredible will, his maximum dedication to the sport, and his discipline. These are traits that have helped shaped me into the person I am today, traits that are necessary for a marathon. That is why I would to see Kahn participate in the TCS New York City Marathon. I bet he would be a natural at it.

Florian Liebig

You don’t have to a celebrity to run this year’s TCS New York City Marathon. You can claim your guaranteed entry or enter the drawing now.

Gary McLaughlin