You Can Still Run in 2019


You Didn’t Get In  

Unfortunately, your name was not selected in the drawing for the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. But don’t let this setback stop you, as there are still ways you can run the five boroughs in 2019.  


Run with Team For Kids 

NYRR Team for Kids participants help support running-based fitness programs in schools and communities across the United States. NYRR’s free youth program and events platform Rising New York Road Runners helps to build students’ motivation, confidence, and desire to be physically active for life. 

TFK runners receive the following perks:  

  • Guaranteed entry to the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon 

  • Unlimited access to our team of coaches and coached workouts starting in June 

  • Complimentary entry to the NYRR TCS New York City Marathon Training Series (limited entries are available)

  • Marathon training plans for athletes of all abilities 

  • Fundraising resources and support, including a personal fundraising page, to help you meet your fundraising goal 

  • VIP treatment at the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon including private transportation to the start, heated members-only tent in the start village, and exclusive baggage service and early exit in Central Park at the finish line. 

  • Signature Team for Kids green racing singlet 


Raise Funds, Run with Friends  

All your buddies are already in. And you want to join them! but you didn’t get in through guaranteed entry or the drawing.  

In addition to NYRR Team for Kids, there are more than 400 Official Charity Partners that can offer you guaranteed entry. The charities, categorized as Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Community charity partners, raise funds for a variety of causes. 

International Runners 

Runners outside the United States can secure spots in the race through one of our official International Tour Operators (ITOs) Packages for the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon include guaranteed entry, flight and/or accommodations, or both, and special offers and benefits from the ITOs. Marathon Packages are only available from one of the official ITOs listed on our website. 



Didn’t get selected? Don’t give up hope! There’s still a chance you can get to run in this year’s TCS New York City Marathon. Superior light beer Michelob ULTRA will be awarding some lucky beer runners a chance to run later this year. Learn more about how you could join Team ULTRA. 

Philanthropic Membership 

Upgrade your NYRR membership to the $5K or $10K Philanthropic Member level to secure a spot in the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon, along with other special member benefits, including VIP perks on race day.

Entry fee to the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon is complimentary for $10K Members, and non-complimentary for $5K Members. 

Both memberships also offer other benefits to support you along your marathon journey, such a free NYRR Virtual Training Program for one race of your choosing, guaranteed entry (non-complimentary for $5K Members and complimentary for $10K Members) into every annual NYRR race (including the TCS New York City Marathon Training Series), and two finish-line grandstand seating tickets for your cheer squad on marathon day.

Gary McLaughlin